ilo App addresses a critical gap in healthcare utilization by highlighting and simplifying how medical follow-ups could be more efficient and cost effective.

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Doctor-Patient Messaging

Provides real time instant communication functionality in a mobile ready platform for medical care follow up, symptoms tracking and reporting, patient-reporting feedback, follow-up steps, disease management, and patient education.

Emergency Access

Provides a panic button for immediate access to emergency care with notifications to next of kin and primary care physician

Telemedicine Capability

Provides easy face-to-face real time virtual tele communication between doctors and patients

Medical Record Sharing

Allow physicians to immediately share patient information real-time with other doctors using the same secure Hipaa compliant platform


ilo App promotes patient centered care. It gives patient access to the doctor without having to physically visit the doctor’s crowded office. The mobile app is designed for time management for follow-up feedback and provides a more efficient way of practicing medicine.

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Yes, our platform, servers and database are HIPAA secured and HIPAA Compliant through Amazon Web Services.
When you sign up, we present our privacy policy along with your consent for your primary care doctor to share information with other physicians involved with your care in a collaborative care platform.
No it’s free to download and use!
We’re currently running on iOS for our beta test. Android version will be available in Fall 2018.


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